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CFCD Participates in PaRD Annual Forum 2023 in Berlin, Germany

Centre for Faith and Community Development (CFCD), represented by our Executive Director, Dr. Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba, participated in the General Assembly of Members and the Annual Forum of the International Partnership for Sustainable Development (PaRD) that took place from 17 to 19 October in Berlin, Germany.

The 2023 PaRD Annual Forum focused on the importance of multiplex collaboration in an increasingly multipolar and globalized world. Multiplex collaboration involves inclusive efforts of stakeholders across key sectors and levels of society and acknowledges the interconnectedness of actors and their ability to leverage their unique strengths and resources in a complementary way to contribute to sustainable development. Nurturing human values that foster respect, inclusion, equity and cooperation is a prerequisite for multiplex collaboration. This includes an openness to overcome linear and growth-based paradigms and foster circular thinking, which involves a holistic approach that considers the interdependencies within social, economic, and environmental systems. By nurturing values such as collaboration, empathy, inclusivity, and long-term thinking, stakeholders can develop innovative recommendations and strategies that contribute to sustainable development.

The 2023 PaRD Forum brought together around 100 participants representing government agencies, multilateral organizations, civil society and faith-based organizations, to reflect, dialogue and provide recommendations for policy makers and PaRD members.


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